About Us

The key to living a great life starts from within.

Our Vision

Women Empowerment

Feel Better Now is geared towards transforming women’s lives by providing them nourishment that starts from deep within.

Ever felt extremely anxious, stressed, or even depressed? Most of the time, those are signs your body gives off when it lacks the care it needs.

Many people separate the mind from the body. When in reality, it is part of what makes up our physical being. (Ever heard of the ‘brain’?)

When you learn to take care of your body, your whole perspective in life becomes better. We’re here to help you help yourself.

We’ll provide mindset and health coaching to help you face whatever life throws at you head on.

Start living your life to the fullest.

Fill in your name and email to start experiencing the power of movement and mantras to manifest a body & life you love.


Making sure you get the best results

One-to-one consultation

I will be personally coaching you for your proper health assessment. From there, we’ll create a plan customized specifically for your needs.

Client Communication

The end goal is always to help you achieve health and wellness. Because of that my lines will always be open for you. I make sure I’m with you every step of the way.

Infinite Support

I am on a mission to transform lives through helping women and men everywhere to learn how to love themselves more. Until I fulfill my mission, I’ll always be here to support.

Join the health movement!

They’ve chosen the healthy path. Now, they’re reaping the benefits.

Maura Tinsel

Just like most people, my healthy transformation started out with just a simple New Year’s resolution. It certainly was hard to break my old bad habits, but with Trish’s guide, I began to feel and look beautiful more than ever. I love the feeling and haven’t ever turned back since!

Eula Kim

You’d think being a housewife is no work until you see me. I was stressed and clearly out-of-shape. The glow I once had on my youth faded away. After enlisting Tricia’s help, I began prioritizing self-care more. Not only was my physical body healthy, my whole life and the relationships I have with my loved ones got better.

Mitch Robin

I’ve been huge all my life and suffered from a lot of bullying. I was all for embracing my body type until it took a toll on my health. I needed someone to motivate me. Tricia was the perfect person for the job. I literally wouldn’t be here today if not for Tricia’s effective coaching.

What We Do

Transforming you to be the best version of yourself

Mindset Coaching

Imagine the amount of stress disappearing when you decide to have a positive mindset. Sometimes, we do forget that. I am here to be your constant reminder. I am driven to get rid of all your unnecessary baggage to help you reach your best version faster.

Weight Management

Your body won’t forever be in its 10s, 20s and even 30s. That’s why you need the help of supplements. There is no shame in taking them. What we offer are safe and work extremely well.

Ready to start your health journey?

Schedule an appointment with me, and let’s talk about how you can improve your whole life just by living healthy.

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