Everybody has those days. Starting the work day knowing full well what needs to be done, but an hour left before your shift ends, you notice you haven’t even gone through half of your to-do list.

You were distracted. Your energy levels were low. And somehow, you made it through the day with your mind elsewhere.

We can give you common tips right now. But you know what? We’ll let other blog posts do the job. What we’re about to share though may sound weird but they’re surprisingly effective!

So the next time you catch yourself being a lazy bum, try out these tips!

#1 Surround yourself with yellow.

The color “yellow” decreases melatonin a.k.a. the sleepy hormone. Add a pop of yellow on your desk to quickly perk you up when you start feeling drowsy. If you have no control over your decors, at least open the shades and let sunlight in. Maybe even change your desktop wallpaper to a yellow-toned photo.

#2 Play a brain game.

Warm up your thinking muscles by playing games that build focus and creativity. How about a game of Sudoku or crosswords while you’re drinking your morning coffee? Be careful with overtaxing your brain though. You don’t want to lift heavy weights before playing the Super Bowl.

#3 Race the clock.

What motivates most individuals? Competition. Playing beat the clock completely destroys procrastination. Try timing tasks on 10-minute blocks. Work in sprints. Fully focus for short periods of time and then recover to recharge.

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